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The world is burning down to ashes,
We must change our habits.

Here, you're certified that your avocado t-shirt was not made with petrochemical products that f*cks up the world.
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The importance of having eco-friendly clothing ♻️

Many clothing available on the market are made with poor quality materials and the overwhelming majority of these materials aren't eco-friendly.

As the number one online brand in the 🇺🇸 Unites States of America🇺🇸 that sell avocado clothing, we make our best not to pollute the world while filling your wardrobe!

Why wearing an avocado clothing 🥑?

You know that avocado represents ecology and healthy lifestyle 🥗.

You just have to go on Instagram for 20 seconds to see that.

This is why showing the world avocados is an enormous proof that you respect the planet 🌍 !

Then, show the world your love for them ❤️ 🥑 !

Emily Avocado Clothing Store

My name is Emily, 😊 I'm an 🥑 lover ❤️

"Back when I was little, I used to hate avocados so much!

When I realized the impact of my diet on the planet, I realized how important it is to eat avocados!

My passion for avocados made me create this shop, to offer the best quality clothing and accessories for fans of avocados like me!

Since my reconciliation with this fruit, I am not able to spend a day without eating an avo!"