30 Gifts to make to Avocado Lovers!

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30 Gifts to make to Avocado Lovers!

Making a gift is hard... but making a gift for an avocado lover is impossible!
When looking for a gift for an avocado lover, it can be hard to know what could they love. Avocado t-shirts, avocado hoodies, avocado accessories, avocado socks...

How to choose the right thing to give between all the choice?

Well, we are here to help you to find THE gift that will make your best avocado lover friend happy!

Here we go for 30 gifts that will blow you avocado lovers friend's mind!

The Avocado Necklace Best Friend 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨 👩‍❤️‍👨


Have you ever realized that avocados have two halves? What does that relate to? Friendship of course!

Avocado Necklace With Real Fake Gold 🏅


How to have great class thanks to a small accessory that surpasses all the others? The answer is simple: dress in a necklace combining gold, the most chic material after diamonds and avocados, fruit of fertility and grandiose!

The famous AvoKeeper ™ will solves your rotten avo problems!


Bored of the expiration dates of your avocados? Bored of trying every single technics to keep your avocado fresh and not making it turn brown to finally realize that none of them work? The official AvoKeeper combined with some little cutting techniques will perfectly hold you half avocado in perfect shape! Of course, it will not be effective for 3 weeks one the avocado is cut, but the expiration date can be extended 7 days after starting to eat it!

Silicon Cover for Avocados 🥑


Avocado Plush Doll 🧸


Avocado Pillow Warming 🧸

19.99 - 59.99$

Avocado Phone Case Adidas ☘️


The famous avocado parody of the german brand's logo on an iPhone case? Yes, you're not crazy! If you friends likes to provoke big brands or their customers, this phone case is made for him! Forget the usual Trefoil and say hello to the Trefavacado!

3D Avocado Phone Case


Yes, a phone case is good, but if you want it to be more realistic, this 3D avocado is made for your friend! Don't worry, this avocado will not rot 😉!

Avocado Shirt Adidas ☘️


Again! The Trefavacado in a shirt this time! Have you ever noticed that the people wearing Adidas brand often wear it as a set? Well, if you have the full Avocado Adidas collection, you'll be ready to show off your superb avo tastes!

Avocado Shirt Couple ❤️


Because sharing its passion is the most beautiful thing you can do, having two shirts that complement each other as a couple is a big proof of love! Even if you don't like avocados, you won't be bother to wear such a cool t-shirt don't worry 😉.

Avocado Backpack Adidas ☘️


Avocado Adidas on your front, on your phone and now on your back! Included the possibility to charge your phone directly on the bag, listen to your music using a jack and available in several colors!

Avocado Shaped Backpack 🥑


Now, we propose also backpack that are not simply showing an avocado pattern, but also backpacks that are shaped as an avocado!

Inflatable Avocado Costume


Disguise yourself as an avocado! Eat them is not sufficient enough to to proclaim himself as a true avocado fan! Also, this super costume is auto inflatable and demonstrates a very high quality. It is usable many many time after the first opening, be sure about that!

Avocado Toast Costume 🍞


Yes, this might be a little bit crazy but avocado toasts are actually now accepted as disguises during disguised parties! If you love the subtile, sumptuous and delicious union of the crunchy toast's bread accompanied by the mashed avocado mixed with the little taste of lemon as well as the fine line of oil coming to conclude this marvelous recipe, this costume is definitely made for you and your friend!

Avocado Keychain Best Friend 👩‍❤️‍👩 👨‍❤️‍👨 👩‍❤️‍👨


The ultimate proof of friendship between two avocado lovers! More subtle than the necklace but just as much meaningful as the necklace!

Avocado Plush Keychain 🧸


Who would have thought that such a small object would be so cherished by the world? This keychain is one of our favorites in our store and we are so proud to offer it to you!

Avocado Adidas Hoodie ☘️


Alright, you have the full outfit of the avocado Adidas clothing... But what happens if you're feeling cold? Now you have completed the ultimate avocado lover uniform!

Avocado Toast Hoodie 🍞


Yes, the sumptuous avo toast is back on a hoodie to warm you from the outside cold! Get it before it's too late!

Guacamole Cowboy Boots 🤠


Yeehaw! Tay-uk yo-wr gla-yus awf liquid courage , an entry-level cannon, a hoss, justins an awk we gitty-up t' craws thuh desert!

Avocado Shoes for Running 🏃‍♀️


Are you tired of running? You no longer feel the motivation of your first steps in the world of running? Do not worry, it is likely that you were misled when choosing your running shoes! Now, one thing is sure, with these avocado shoes for running, you will find your pleasure of running at full speed!

Also, be sure to check out this leopard pair of shoes by fairyseason.com, in which you will find the best quality fashion apparel for super little prices!

Black Avo Cap 🧢


Because black lives matter, a mix of a black cap and the green of the flesh of the avocado is a mix for which would stupid to say no!

It's An Avocado Thanks Cap 🥑


Do you remember the little Henry when he said the super famous "an avocado thanks" on a Vine posted on the August 25, 2015. We detailed everything on this article.

Avocado Hat for Spring


Military Avocado Green Beret


Comrade! Rest! With this green avocado beret, your friend to whom you will offer it will impose its military strength and prepare you for the next one! Stop! 

Blue Navy Avocado Socks


Made with a superb navy blue color, the design of this pair of socks is simply better than every other one, without any exception.

Avocado Socks for Yoga 🧘


Yoga is awesome. Everyone you be doing it, whether it's for a spiritual reason, a physical reasons, to get rid of physical ailments like back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc. Associating this pair of avocado socks is not necessary, but it will bring to you a feeling of calm because you will no longer be bothered by the coolness of the floor, if you do not have heating embedded in the floor.

Holy Guacamole Onesie


Now, this gift is not necessary for the avocado lover, but more for his or her kids! This super cute child onesie will bring back to you the pleasure of eating avocados!

Avocado Costume with Suspenders for Kids


This great costume has to be put on for babies during the day! These small suspenders are easily removable, easily cleanable either by hand or by machine and the design of this costume is simply great!

Avocado Slicer 3 in 1


Cut, Remove the core, Take out the flesh. These are the three rules when using this all in one slicer!

Avocado Cube Cutter 🗡️


Want some cubes rather than some misshapen avocado flesh? This tool is made for you! Now, once you avo is cut with the avo 3 in 1 slicer, you'll be able to make some cubes to to lightly season your salads with an healthy ingredient!

So, what is your favorite avocado accessory? Tell us and we might reduce its price just for you 😉!

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