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How alligator pears (avocados) became so popular?

How alligator pears (avocados) became as popular as Islam.

Avocado fans are really known to be really controversial when talking about their passion in life. The avocados are not anymore fruits, they are real gods that most of the avocado fans literally pray 5 times a day. It's like the best ritual in a day of an aguacate lover.

Also, this is good to be known that most of them pray the holy guacamole

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Does that mean that when you are eating avocados with tomatoes, coriander and lime with chips you are dishonoring the holy saver?
Maybe... but don't tell anyone 🤫

Why avos are compared to alligator pear?

At the first place, why a crocodile?

As you may have seen, avocado pear has a grainy skin.
As you may have never seen, alligator also have a grainy skin and a similar color.
This is basically why avocado lovers decided to call their favorite fruit this way.

Scientifically, biologist call the aguacate "persea americana" which translated from latin to english means Cuba.

But the real origin of the name avocado is from the old Nahuatl "ahuacatl" which means testicle...

You will be looking at them in a different way from now 😏

This is why Aztec used to call this fruit the "fruit of fertility"...
Because of its shape...
Its testicle shape...

Because the world is made of myths and awesome stories, some legends say that the earliest description of the avocado is called the "pear avogado" that slowly became "alligator pear" for some reason.

But do not worry, even if the alligator pear is called this way doesn't necessary mean that avocados will hurt you!

But last question you could ask yourself is :

Why guacamole is called this way?

Depending of where you are located in America, you might be pronouncing "guacamole" differently.

In North America, smashed avocado with lime, coriander, tomatoes and chips come from the word "Ahuacamole" which is the shrinkage of "Ahuacha" and "Molly", so "avocado" and "sauce".

But in South America, people call this "apple-apple"...

Which has no sense...

But avocado lovers call this "Holy Guacamole", so this has even less sense.

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