An Avocado Thanks.. Vine explanation

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An Avocado Thanks.. Vine explanation

An Avocado… Thanks vine explained

We all know that kids are close to their feelings. If they like something you gave or made to them, they will make you know that they enjoy. But the opposite works as well... And during Christmas time, children are even more demanding.

It’s actually the time of the year in which everything has to be perfect! That means the lightings is perfect, the avocado is perfectly cut, the turkey is perfectly cooked, or the pie if you are vegetarian etc.

But what happened about avocado in Christmas 2015?

An avocado thanks shoes

This is why seeing a child being happy with an avocado and even thanks his parents is pretty unusual... even tho he likes avocados!

Did any avocado was hurt?

Don’t worry, they’re all good.

Where does the ‘An avocado ... thanks’ comes from?

Back in 2015, the fashion at this time was about giving a gift to their kid and film their reaction... but with poor or useless presents! You have probably seen some videos of children receiving bricks, receiving things nobody would be happy to receiving it. Well, kid, called Henry, was given an avocado...

What was his reaction?

Jeff, his dad, probably thought he would go crazy and maybe cry, but instead, his reaction was : ”an avocado thanks!”. Actually, we can tell that his father always told him not to show that you dislike a present during Christmas time!

But what was the purpose of this ”an avocado thanks” response?

We can say that this avocado gift was a test to check if he understood the lessons of good manners his dad gave to him... and he passed it!

This ”an avocado thanks” was exactly what he had to say to  pass the test, so this is why he now enjoys simple things on life!

Despite other kids, Henry passed through the test and the video of him receiving an avocado went viral... Well done Henry!

Why did this Vine went viral?

Because of this funny and unexpected response, this Vine amused a lot of people and they shared it to their friends that shared it to their friends etc.

But, because of the fact Henry is really cute when he says kindly ”an avocado!” that a lot of people love and so the video is still really popular.

What does the avocado family think about this Vine?

This Vine is important to the avocado community, as it is the way every avo-lovers should behave with their avocados. This Vine represents the happiness of an avocado lover with his favorite fruit! What a positive message!

So, Henry is more than a superstar Viner?

His adorable response ”an avocado thanks!” is not a funny things anymore, but a real way to behave with things that we love!

Who is behind Henry’s success?

Basically, it’s Henry’s uncle. Jeffery Walters.

How far did this avocado Vine went in terms of popularity?

He uploaded this Vine on late 2015 and his Vine literally exploded. More than 100 millions loops, more than 650k likes and more than 320k re-Vines, if we don’t include Youtube compilations, re-uploads etc...

Because of its popularity, many people started to show their love for avocados, for example by wearing this kind of avocado t-shirts, or by giving avocados to their family at Christmas.

Henry’s video

Here is a re-upload of Henry’s Vine :

You’re an avocado lover?

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An avocado thanks shirt

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