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AVOCADO EATERS ARE PART OF A GANG (without knowing it)!

10 Reasons why Avocado Eaters are part of a Gang (Without knowing it)!?

You find it weird that when you go to your avocado lover friends there are fridge full of avocados, they have weird habits, they put avocados on each lunch they have?

Well, we have a bad news for you, your friends are part of the AVOCADO GANG.

What can you do to help them getting away from avocados?


they are controlled by avocados and you can do nothing to make them leave from their gang.

This is why this blog article technically illegal... But because we are avocado thugs we are going to tell you about the avocado gang.

So, read carefully... 

They have avocado clothes

That might seems a bit obvious or not suspect but let me ask you a question :

Do you buy t-shirts related to what you like?

I guess yes, but,

If you love a fruit, would you buy an avocado t-shirt cause you like them?

I guess no, but avocado lovers (especially ones that are part of the avocado gang) does...

They are recognizable everywhere.

Their clothing style is easily recognizable... Because it's all avocados...

So here is a little list of all the avocado clothing they could wear :

  • Avocado T-shirt

The most popular because we all admit that it is cool to wear, comfortable and sometimes the designs are cool.

Here is one example (click on the image to see more) :


  • Avocado hoodies

A bit less popular than avocado t-shirt but still understandable. We all know a guys fan of heavy metal that has a lot of band hoodies, so why not...

Here is one example (click on the image to see more) :

  • Avocado goodies

There we are, avocado gadgets...

No one can understand the purpose of having an avocado necklace of an avocado phone case but all of them have such useless avocado things!

Reason number 3) They made a positive scandal about the Subway's advertisement

Here is a part of the text of this advertisement

Do you find it excessive? Yes?

Avocaders (the name of the avocado lovers part of the avocado gang) don't find it excessive,

They say this advertisement is the absolute truth to follow.

You understand now why the drifts from a normal avocado comsumption and an excessive one are!

Reason number 4) They believe avocados have super powers

Skin products, head mask, butter, in desert... This fruit is for them a real super power fruit...

Good, for skin, good for the eyes, good for the heart... they think that the avocado heal them!

Ok avocados are filled with good healthy 

Reason number 5) Their Instagram thread are filled with ...

... You know the last word...

This is a sign of difference with normal people, because even though you like something, you won't subscribe to EVERY ACCOUNT RELATED TO THAT SUBJECT THAT EXISTS ABOUT IT ON INSTAGRAM...

And believe me that there is a lot of avocado related account :

And many more...

But anyway, if you see a friend that has an Instagram account filled with these devil fruit,

FLEE! As soon as you can!

Reason number 6) The chipotle avocado crisis was for them an "apocalypse"

The chipotle avocado crisis happened in 2014. You, of course, have never heard about it, but the avocaders already have...

They say this crisis was for them an apocalypse

But let's be honest, avocado are not that important for your life? For me neither...

Well, if you want to show avocado lover that their obsession is really dumb, you should explain them gently and slowly by giving arguments.

Even though they won't listen to you...

Reason number 7) When they cut their avocado, they are more precise than during brain surgery

Have you ever seen an avocado eater cutting an avocado?

Well... Of course because that represents at least 15% of their days...

But if you watch closely, you will be able to see that their hand techniques are really careful!

It's almost like they are in love with their avocados...That's a bit silly because their avocado is dead...

Reason number 8) They don't drink alcohol, they drink "avocado cocktails"

Also known as "undrinkable cocktail" for pretty much everyone else...

Basically the cocktail is made with avocado, alcohol and sugar but...

Either there is too much avocado in the cocktail

Either there is too much alcohol

So, we call this undrinkable!

Reason number 9) They say "avocados are the best thing that happened to me"

No more thing is needed to be said...

This is an obvious sign to understand that someone who likes avocados is possessed by a demon.

We should call an exorcist in these cases...

Reason number 10) At the supermarket, they have a bag of at least 3 avocados

You can easily find them :

With an avocado shirt, they have a bag filled with avocados.

Then, at the counter, they pay 300 local money and they say it's too much...

And the week after they do the same!

But here is what's interesting about it, if they don't have any money, they can't pay any avocados anymore, so they have to buy other thing to eat and they become non-avocado lovers!

But this is really rare, they often get avocados underpriced because they know the avocado provider...

And remember, eating an avocado isn't always good! Here is an article about avocado consumption.

Now you understand avocado lovers, the big question you might be asking yourself is : "What can I do about it?"

Well, the response is simple, let's be part of the avocado gang! As avocados have a great taste, they are not that expensive are filled with incredible things for your health!

So the conclusion of the blog post is :

Eat avocados, you won't regret it :)!


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