Holy Guacamole : what does that mean?

Holy Guacamole : what does that mean?

You have ever for the first time the exclamation "Holy Guacamole!" but you don't understand what that means? Maybe the one who have aid that is not even 

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What is guacamole?

You all know what guacamole is but anyway. The guac is a mexican recipe that is a mix of avocado, coriander, lemon, tomatoes and sometimes chili 


The name comes from an Aztec dialect named Nahuatl "āhuacamolli", which means literally "avocado sauce". "āhuacatl" means avocado and "molli" means sauce.

Also, Cubans call “guacamole” a salad made with avocados and pineapple, generally presented in small cubes, seasoned with a sauce based on olive oil, vinegar and salt.

The definition of this avocado sayings.

There are many ways to understand the saying "Holy Guacamole" because according to your religion, your point of view in life, and your entourage, you will not understand it the same way.

What if it was an exclamation when you are shocked?

Holy guacamole is an expression way easier than you think it is. Basically, "Holy Guacamole" is like "Holy crap!" but the fact is that "Holy crap" or "Holy molly" are not good to hear, neither they are powerful enough!

This expression should not be used in every situation, as it is very very controversial.

What if avocados was blessed by a priest?

That's a really good question... or not. In the Catholic religion, according to certain custom of Central and Eastern Europe, food can be blessed in order to proceed the sacramental.

But actually food cannot become "holy" itself... So that definition is not 100% right.

What if it stands for a restaurant name?

Actually, the saying is si popular that a restaurant in Santa Monica in California decided to take this name for its Mexican cuisine and meals.

Because yes, we must remember that guacamole and specially the pear shaped fruits are all coming from one place : Latina America!

What if this saying is a reference to Batman?

That is pretty popular yet, but an episode of a feature film of Batman and Robin contains these sayings. Robin says "Holy Guacamole Batman!" and the picture is very popular. We could have tell that this expression comes from here if this series was not attacked by critics...

The origin of this exclamation

As seen before, "Holy Guacamole" stands for "Holy crap" or "Holy molly". It is just a more persea way to exclaim yourself! 

Guac in the popular culture

Guacamole is really popular, you knew that but the expression is as well! Every day, thousands of people not only from english countries say this exclamation!

Also, the hashtag #holyguac or #holyguacamole are very popular and count as well more than 75 000 posts under it. Not bad for an avocado 😉 🥑

As a conclusion

"Holy Guacamole" can stand for many things : "holy crap", "holly molly", an hashtag, a community, a blessed avocado etc. This expression is very popular all around the world, it is said by hundreds of people everyday and maybe you say so as well.

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