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How to make a beautiful rose with an avocado?

You may say this is weird, but actually avocado lovers know this is a really cool thing to do when you're getting bored of eating an avocado only with a spoon.

There are many Instagram accounts that show avocado roses such as @trainer_pam that is filled of these. It's a cool way to design a plate with an avocado and it's not that hard to make!

So, if you want to design your lunches, let's get started!

Prerequisites :

  • A knife
  • An avocado

And you're ready to go!

First step : cut the avocado in half

You will first need to get half an avocado to make this rose. A full one is too big to make a rose.

You know how to do it but still, here is how you do it :

  • You take the avocado, a knife and you cut it in half in the vertical way,
  • Then you take the two parts and gently twist so you can get only one half
  • Finally, you remove the core.

Second step : remove the avocado skin

You will not eat it so let's remove it! 

You can do it by using a knife or your nails, is you have big ones.

Here is how to do it :

  • With your nails or your knife you gently cut a part of the sink vertically on one of the borders
  • You can know peel off the avocado
  • Do it gently until there are not any skin left

Third step : cut the avocado in thin slices :

To make a rose, you will need to cut your avocado in thin slices. Be careful with you hands!

To do so, you will need to :

  • Put your avocado face to the table
  • Cut thin (approximately 4mm each) slice without smashing the avocado in the horizontal way

Once it's done, you can leave your knife because we are ready for the manipulation.

Final step : make this avocado look good!

Once your avocado looks like this you're ready to manipulate it!

If the avocado is pretty big, we advice you to make an linear one.

So now you're going to follow everything we're about to tell you :

  • Start to bend the thinest border to make a circle with your avocado
  • Roll the avocado on itself so it has a great circle design
  • Be careful to not smash the avocado with your hands
  • Be careful to not make everything fall on the table

And then you have your perfect avocado rose ready to be salted or vinegared!

Now, you can officially consider yourself as an :

Remember that there are a lot of way to do avocado roses, we just gave you an easy way to do it!

So avo great time eating your avocado!

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