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Avocados are getting a lot of attention right now, the darling ingredient of vegans would be an environmental scandal. Polluter and large consumer of water, should we continue to consume this Mexican fruit?

Avocado, a healthy and nourishing ingredient

If you love to ingest guacamole, read this carefully! Highlighted for these exceptional diuretic properties, this fruit native to Mexico (yes it is a fruit!) Is very rich in dietary fiber and acts as an appetite suppressant. It would be a shame to deprive yourself.

It is the only fruit that contains lipids (oleic acid): it is full of unsaturated fatty acids, good fat which still makes it a fairly caloric fruit (about 160 Kcal and 14.66 g of lipids per 100 g). Vegan people who do not consume animal products such as butter or eggs eat it precisely for its contribution in "good fat". Avocado is also rich in minerals and vitamins.

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An intensive avocado culture

An intensive culture in recent years, the global demand for avocados has been increasing. This trendy ingredient was even the most popular food on Pinterest in 2015: it is on our plates all year round, in all sauces and especially in the famous maki, poke bowls or buddha bowls.

Avocados ConsumptionThe cultivation of fruit of the fruit of fertility has become a real industry, especially in Mexico: in thirty years, plantations have increased from 31,000 to 118,000 hectares, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. Intensive cultivation causes deforestation and pollution of groundwater, streams or lakes due to chemical treatments spilled on avocado fields and their neighbors. Some farmers illegally plant avocado trees in pine forests, which decrease drastically each year. Here is one of our t-shirts related to it :

This crop is also extremely water-hungry: 1,000 liters of water for 1 kg of avocados for growing in South Africa, while 180 liters of water is enough to grow a kilo of tomatoes and 130 for a kilo of salad.

Consume responsibly

Perhaps it would be enough to inform consumers? After the scandal of Spanish strawberries, cultivated in all seasons, disfiguring and polluting Spanish landscapes, consumers are reasoning by buying seasonal strawberries (late spring to early fall) and favor strawberries from their countries.

Avocado is sold all year round in our stalls as it grows in winter in Israel, Spain, Mexico and South Africa. Most avocado plantations are not organic and all the problems told on this article were related to these non-organic avocados.

What can we, avo eaters, do?

The first step to take as a consumer: consume avocados from December to April to respect the seasonality so do not eat avocado in summer and autumn (forget the avocado-tomato guacamole combination!). Intensive operations would then become uninteresting.

Second point: perhaps we should worry more about the consumption of meat because it takes 13,500 to 16,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of beef!

So don't worry about eating an pear shaped fruit sometimes, but only eating it might be bad for the planet! 

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