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Is Avocado Vegan?

Is the avocado you currently holding really vegan? Let’s take a look.

You all have heard about becoming vegan. All.

Let’s be honest, even tho you’re not already vegan (or not planning to become) you already have ever thought about becoming one. You have already thought about what you could eat if you become vegetarian, what you could do or not do and we hope you are all trying to minimize your meat consumption. If you want to know if the fruit in your fridge is a real avocado vegan and know what else you can eat if you are vegan check out this vegan food list. But what were you real motivation about becoming vegan?

Becoming vegetarian and vegan : the reason behind this choice.

Becoming vegetarian or vegan is an incredible step in life that will open your mind about what you really eat, but what is the main reason behind this choice?

Also, as an avocado lover, you have already seen that avocados are a great food symbol in life! As everyone know, a lot vegan people enjoy to eat avocados because of its taste. What are the other reasons of becoming vegan?

A physical reason to become vegan

We all know that consuming a lot of meat can be bad for health, as what is called red meat is usually filled with grease, bad fats and potentially sweeteners if you eat meat in restaurants such as fast foods. So actually, eating avocado while being vegan is a good choice, and you’re right with that.

To be more precise, an avocado vegan friendly contains a lot of good things for your body, check here the article we made about the avocado benefits.

By stopping meat, you are effectively giving a boost to your health, but remember that this is not ”enough“ to have a great health. There are still some sweetners in your food that you haven’t think about so, be careful!

A great health means to eat vegan avocado without anything added in it.

But to be more focused on the original subject, you can say that your avo is an avocado vegan in this way because it is from a plant and nothing from animals were added in it.

An environnemental reason (most avocado vegans)

Most of the vegans talks about their choice as a “great thing to do for the planet“ by eating quality fruits or by stopping their meat consumption, they don’t participate to the animal murders. In a way, to stop meat consumption means to stop being part of the animals problems, and because we know that animals cost a lot of water and food, we could say that eating fruits could be better, even better it’s avocado! But actually, avocados have a secret behind their 

Behind the scene : avocado vegan?

As we said, avocado cultures are not necessarily totally vegan friendly...

The known avocado environnemental problems.

We already knew the terrible environmental impact of the intensive avocado cultures and avocado consumption. The  millennials best fruit is so popular today that it empties the water tables, requiring 1,000 liters of water per kilo produced, against 130 liters for a kilo of salad. Remember an avocado, especially a vegan avocado is rich is fiber, in potassium, poor in sugar and has a lot of health potential, but such a popularity will of course will bring this fruit victim of intensive culture and intensive consumption... And there are no other ways to fix that problem to eat real avocado vegan.

A bee problem

The large and intensive cultivation of avocado, but also almonds, broccoli, or even melon, requires in some regions of the world recourse to migratory beekeeping.

In such a way, an avocado vegan isn’t totally possible...

This practice is widespread in some areas such as California, where the local population of bees and other pollinating insects is not large enough to pollinate huge avocado or almond orchards. Itinerant hives are therefore moved from farm to farm to ensure fruit development. As noted in an article in The Conversation reprinted by CNN, these bees are transported in the back of heavy trucks and can be lugged from California almond orchards to a avocado plantation in Texas, before joining the broccoli fields. from Oregon. The use of bees in the production of these fruits and vegetables is contrary to vegan ethics which prohibits the consumption of products of animal origin or requiring the exploitation of animals.

Is there a really avocado vegan on the market?

The vegan avocados (so avocados that don’t have any bees violences problems) are less popular because of their price and because they are ripe faster than the normal avocados but in terms of environmental benefits it is better to eat one of them instead of his brother non avocado vegan.

Also, all avocado are not equally vegan. The worst avocado vegan variety is the hass avocado which is also the most popular. You guess it, the more an avocado variety is famous, the more their cultivations has problems.

What solutions to eat a really vegan avocado.

Through this article we presented you the reasons way avocado vegan is a myth, but now what solutions could be interesting to avoid these problems.

Eat local fruits (such as local avocados, having your own culture).

The easiest way to avoid the vegan problems of avocados is to grow them! Actually, that is a pretty good idea, if you want to know more about this technique, here is an article about how to grow an avocado tree.

Eat bio fruits.

Another way to avoid vegan problems is to eat bio fruits, that have the certification to be collected by hand. But actually bio doesn’t mean totally vegan... But still! That’s a good way to have an avocado vegan for yourself, even if it will cost more money... 

Stop being vegan.

An easy way to avoid vegan claims is to be away of them ;). But seriously that’s a bit disappointing for yourself and even for the world? Remember why you choose vegan at the first place!

Stop eating avocados (that’s a bad idea ;) )

We can’t say you that this is a good idea to stop eating avocados because this is such tasty, such good for health that none of us could stop eating them! But as we said in our article about the intensive avocado culture, intensive avocado consumption may be good for health, but not for Earth.

Become an avocado lover conscious for the planet.

That is the main thing to remember! If you want to be an avocado lover but mor specifically an avocado vegan lover, check this awesome holy guacamole shirt to show you love tastes on guacamole!

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