How to prevent avocado from browning? - The ultimate solutions to keep your avocado fresh!

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How to prevent avocado from browning? - The ultimate solutions to keep your avocado fresh!

As avocado lovers, we have all faced this eternal problem : avocado browning. This happen a lot when you are not regular on your organic food and veggies desires... because of course, when you decide to let your superfood alone for few days, it will start being brown and that is not good looking anymore.

Even if we don't eat avo pears because of its color, the looking of a lunch is really important, maybe as much as the taste! And overripe avocado is not good looking, judge by your self :

Brown avocado vs fresh avocado

Would you eat the first rotten avocado if it is served in a recipe? Maybe yes, but there are more chance, regarding the flesh of the avocado that is totally brown, that you will prefer a fresh avocado toast.

So how come avocados get this caramel color? Are rotten mashed avocados still eatable? What solutions are available to avoid avocado browning?

Foodsaver avocado

Why do avocados brown?

Before finding solutions, we have to understand where does the browning comes from, so we can see what are the main things that brown your avocados!

If we don't understand the reasons why an avocado pear gets brown, we won't be able to find solutions, other than eat brown avocados anyway!

Firstly, remember that the ripening process of this Mexican fruit of totally natural and comes naturally when the hass avocado waits too long by itself. Remember that it is high in fiber, high is potassium and in vitamins in all kind!

Also, if you are reluctant about all the reasons that will be listed, you can experience them in your own fridge and your own place!

First enemy : oxidation of the flesh.

There is much good things in avocado, we all know that. But as all fruits vegetables gets brown because of the oxidation, avocado does the same.

Maybe you have already experienced once when you're eating an apple and letting it on air for a while, it becomes chestnut color and don't taste the same. Well, this is exactly the same with the fruit of fertility!

One clue the get rid of it would be to isolate your avocado from the outside air by leaving it inside a little container adapted to the shape of avocados such as an avocado saver.

So if you used to leave your avocado on a fruit basket outside your fridge and used to be amazed by the speed of its expiration, you know understand why it's a bad idea to preserve it this way!

Second enemy : light on avocado flesh.

Avocado is notable both because of its high quality nutritive content and because it is one of the rare fruit that reacts to the light. And unfortunately, it's not for the good reasons...

Avocados expire faster when they are enlightened!

Since you know that, you must try to get a container that filters the light! Even if most fridge lights are turn of otherwise it would be really expensive in terms of energy consumed.

Third enemy : the high temperatures.

The more your avocado is hot, the faster it will become rotten. That may seem obvious but it is really important.

Fruits are not meant to be hot for a long time, this is why tomatoes, salad, cucumber, apple etc are not served hot, and if they are, it's not for a long time.

For a second time : don't leave your avocado on your fruit basket! Specially if it is already cut and it's really hot outside, it is way better in the fridge!

Interesting point : you can learn how to freeze your avocado to make it last longer when you refrigerate your avo so it lasts longer. There are even some recipes super tasty that can be cooked with freezed avocados, but this technique will not be detailed in this article.

Forth enemy : your cutting style.

Avocado browning is often a superficial reaction. That means that since you remove the first layer of the avocado, you will not find any more brown flesh.

How can we use that information to face the problem?

Well, your cutting style will impact the superficial surface and less avocado will be brown if you have the right techniques.

The traditional half avocado cut is both the easiest and best one, so it might be better to cut it this way.

Are brown avocados that dangerous?

Even if this article will detail how to prevent avocado browning, it's still interesting to question ourselves about the negative points of the avocado browning.

According to a little blind test made on some guinea pig (not the animal), the taste does not change that much. Some even confused the normal one with the brown one!

Actually the main problem about chocolate-color aguacates is the visual of it. It is not pleasant, compared to normal and fresh pear shaped fruits, to see an avocado half or fully brown when we usually eat green and yellow ones!

Nutritiously, the two avocados are basically the same. So you could do a rotten guacamole! Yummy...

But because, according to our team, what a dish looks like is 80% more than the taste, here are some techniques to avoid the eternal hazel color problem!

Rotten avocado

The solutions for prevents avocado browning finally revealed!

Here is a little list of all the technique existing to save few days to preserve your aguacate!

The basic avocado plastic foil.

Is this technique simple? Yes. Is this technique efficient? Not really...

As we saw at the first place, avocados reacts to four things : the surface, the temperature, the light and the air. This technique only avoid the air problem.


  • Not expensive,
  • Easy to wrap,
  • Easy to understand,
  • Quick
  • Visual : you can see through the plastic


  • Not really efficient, which lead to waste
  • Requires plastic.

The avocado pear foodsaver

This technique is a bit more expensive, but more effective than the other one. Actually, it will block : the air, the full surface of avocado cut and light. You just need to have some place inside your fridge to stock it.


  • Easy to do
  • Efficient
  • Easy to understand
  • Quick
  • No taste lost
  • Natural


  • A bit more expensive
  • Need a bit of equipment
  • Need some place in the fridge

Keep avocado fresh

Foil your an avocado in aluminum

Ok, this one is really popular. But there is a major problem about this one that not much people talks about.

The main problem about this avocado browning prevention is that it's both really expensive and really polluting! If you are not sensible about the ecological problems, you will not see any problem, but actually using aluminum every time you eat an avocado means a lot of waste and a lot of waste means problems for the planet!

Also it can make the avocado loose its taste or change it to have a metallic feeling, which is not really pleasant...


  • Quite effective
  • Quick
  • Easy to understand


  • Expensive
  • Not visual
  • Make loose the avo taste
  • Polluting

The banana / onion technique

This technique consists to put half an avocado close to a banana or an onion, and the vapors will avoid the enzyme that creates the avocado browning to take place.

This might seem a bit esoteric but the 


  • Efficient
  • Natural
  • Don't need much equipment


  • Don't last for long
  • Complex
  • Can make loose some taste if done wrong

Boil you avocado

This technique is way more complex, but paradoxally, it is not much effective.

This technique consist to boil water inside a pan and boil your avocado for 10 seconds and right after, you place your fruit in a bowl filled with cold water with ice cubes.

A lot of people know this technique, but few have results with this technique... Actually, boiling an avocado doesn't have much interesting effect of neither the pear, neither the flesh, neither the core.


  • Funny to do


  • Do not work, or really low efficient
  • Complex
  • Take much time
  • Need some equipment

The olive oil technique

This technique is a bit tricky to take place : you have to have a little kitchen brush that you will soak in oil and slightly brush your avocado with it.


  • Quite efficient
  • Don't need much equipement


  • Loose the taste
  • Don't last for a long time
  • Complex

Put lemon juice on you avocado

This one is a bit more effective but really dangerous for your avocado taste...

Like the last technique, you have to brush your avocado with some lemon juice freshly pressed.

Unfortunately, this technique is irreversible for the taste of your alligator pear. It will make your avocado sour, so you are not able to keep the original taste with this technique...


  • Quite efficient


  • Make loose the taste
  • Don't last for a long time
  • Complex

avocado and lemon

At the end of the day what is the better solution?

Depending of what content you have, and the time you have, you will be able to use all the techniques listed above. Some of them will work better for some varieties of avocados, some other will not work for some kind of cuts maybe, but at the end of the day avocados have to be eaten 3 to 5 days after being opened.

Also, please do not waste your avocado! Remember that regarding all the food humanity waste, we have to be really careful about what we throw to the thrash and which thrash we choose!

If you are looking for a more effective way to keep your avocado fresh and good to be eaten, you have to check out this avocado saver!

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