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Why avocados are more and more expensive?

Why avocados are more and more expensive is an excellent question.

Normally, classic guacamole is mainly (at least 90%) fruit of fertility 🥑. Except that in recent years with what must be called global warming 🔥, avocados have become increasingly expensive to produce!

Why avocados are more and more expensive?

Indeed, producing avocado requires water, lots of water, around 500 liters for 1 kg of aguacates! However in the not rich countries where this fruit is produced, namely Mexico, Chile, Peru or even California, there are more and more often episodes of drought and mafia problems!


In addition to the huge problem that the lack of water and the high cost poses for local populations, you should know that producers do everything they can to still water their fruits, even if it means drying out wells and groundwater or even using ever deeper pumping means. And of course all this is expensive, and the price of the best pear shaped fruit is always going up.

Obviously, the simplest is not to eat avocado especially when it is produced outside of Spain, Greece or even Corsica. But here is our society is thus made, we want to be able to eat everything, all the time and too bad for the planet...

What can you do about that?

Maybe, you can show the world your love for avocados while disguise yourself or your child like an avocado!

Here is the avocado halloween costume for you baby!

This image shows a baby with a avocado costume such as the halloween one. We can see that he loves avocados by his smile and he is not happy about the prices going up of fruit of fertility!

And what about guacamole?

One of the most common uses of avocado is to make guacamole, this Mexican preparation that makes a lot of people happy at the aperitif.

The problem is that to make it homemade, you need avocados, 2 or 3 often. However at more than a dollar a piece, some turn to ready-made preparations like that offered by Old El Paso (the "reference" in the field).

Except that, for them too, fruit of fertility is expensive, so as the avocados requests water, they said to themselves that it would not be bad to put it also in the preparation...

This is how we got Old El Paso preparation that include almost 70% of water!

For fear of shocking, the percentage of water is not specified, but we can easily imagine that it represents more than 70% of the mixture!

Why ?! Why put only 14% of avocado in a preparation which generally requires more than 90%?

For the money, no doubt!

Unfortunately for fans of guacamole, you will have to go your way or offer your guests this slightly thick Mexican drink presented above.

Here is a video explanation about the prices

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