What is the WAO (Word Avocados Organization)?

What is the WAO (Word Avocados Organization)?

Everyone know that avocados are becoming more and more popular is our world. As well, everyone know that fame of avocados are not made 100% by their taste 😋.

When we interrogate ourselves about the fame of the fruit of fertility, we find out that a lot of organizations capitalize of growth demand of avocados (like Avocado Clothing StoreAvocado From MexicoNew Zealand Avocado etc).

But one of them has an international dimension and work with several big brand, especially supermarkets. This secret organization is called the WAO, for World Avocados Organization.

As you understand, this organization is about the persea americana. But instead of being a online / physical shop in which you can buy goods, avocado tree kits or goodies, they only work to promote the green fruit and his benefits.

You have probably already have seen one of their ads without paying too much attention to them, but it's sure that you have learn some facts about the pear shaped fruit thanks to them!

But, what do the WAO does exactly?

In this article, we will see what is the World Avocado Organization, what are their projects, but more importantly, why this organization reflects the progression of guacamole and persea consumption around the world.

What is it? Where is it from? When was it founded?

The WAO (not to be confused with the World Allergy Organization) is an organization founded in February 2016 and based in Washington D.C., New York 🇺🇸.

Its founder Xavier EQUIHUA often appears in the Spanish and English economic press, talking about the progress and the rise of avocado consumers in the world.

He explains in an interview about his organization :

"[...] Our primary objective is to promote avocado and support its consumption. Partnerships like the one made with the Michelin Guide this year on the occasion of the launch of their guide are part of the actions intended to appeal to both consumers and influencers and chefs alike."

Source : LSA - Interview de Xavier Equihua.


Finally, the WAO have a website available in both English and Spanish where we can learn more about their activity : click here to access it

What do they do? What are their projects and their missions?

From a purely economic point of view, the WAO capitalizes on the growth of the demand of avocados. They participate in the export and the recognition of the consumption of pear shaped fruit, by highlighting the nutritional benefits as well as the environmental benefits linked to the consumption of avocados.

Their ultimate goal is most certainly to make the world a better place and to encourage good eating habits such as eating avocados.

To do this, they do not hesitate to organize events, partnerships with Carrefour, Guide Michelin, Costco, Tesco, World Avocado Cup and many others!

They are also very present on the social medias : they invented and inaugurated the "Avocado Month" (also known as "June") that was first launched in South Africa 🇿🇦 in June 2016, when the south African were encouraged to "Add An Avocado" to their meals 🥑!

Back in Europe, the WAO served avocado cocktails on the 14th July in France on the street as a proof of respect for France, 10th persea americana consumer in the world 🇫🇷!

All these events aim to make these fruits even more popular than they already are and to prove once and for all that avocados are fat, of course, but they are good fats!

Where does their fame come from?

An interesting point about the WAO is that their popularity is as growing as the popularity of avocados, based on their demand.

As you probably know it, the popularity of avocados is on the upward curve :

Knowing that the WAO works with avocado producers from different horizons in South America, their turnover and the importance of their activity is measured according to the demand for avocado and avocado production.

For example : if during a season, avocado production is increased by 40%, the price per avocado may drop, which will lead to greater consumption and therefore more turnover, which will not translate into more marketing and advertisements.

Without forgetting that the pledge of quality which is guaranteed by the attribution of a sticker "Fruit of Life" on an avocado is significant of importance of their activity.

All about their advertisements.

Yes, the World Avocado Organization does not hesitate to make advertisement. After all, how are they going to market the health benefits of avocados without advertising?

This organization has a special sense of design. The logo, their website, their Instagram publications and their photos on their site, everything is made for us to feel emotions and to feel superpowers of avocado, here are some of their ads :

Source : wao-bm.pdf downloadable of this page.

If you are interested in their advertising skills, feel free to download their materials for their marketing strategies by visiting the "RETAIL" page of their website. You will find all kinds of mock-ups with their advertising displayed on media such as city light posters, flyers, slideshows, press ads, stickers and many more, in addition to some information and statistics shown on the fruit of fertility.

Conclusion : The positive dominance of avocados in the world.

The WAO is officially one of the best representative of the avocado industry. They have a enormous knowledge about the guac and fertility fruit consumption all around the world, they know exactly where are the best avocados of the planet and they probably know every avocado retailers.

Do not hesitate to share the articles which relate the subject of this organization, because they all contribute to an increasing consumption of guacamole, to the detriment of the petrochemical and industrial products offered by the big names.

But even if this is an organization that you are not a member of, you can still help them out by purchasing goodies that proudly display your love for avocados.

Whether you prefer to get a Plushie or a Hoodie, every single items on our shop are made for you to help the WAO to grow in popularity! You can search for their goods as well but here is a bunch of items that people love :

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