Avocado Backpack

Because avocados are not just fruits, we decided to offer you this collection where you will find the avocado backpack or avocado bag that will suit for you!


What is more annoying than the usual bags that people wear on their back? Every time they have brand such as Eastpak, Quechua, Nike... but never avocados, and that's terrible! Forget this problem and find the avocado backpack that will fit perfectly to you!

Big containers and cool designs, these are the two words to define an avocado backpack!

No. Not all avocados are the same! Some are very bigger than the usual ones and these knapsacks are way bigger that the casual alligator pears! Made with quality materials and optimized to contain cleverly the maximum amount of things, these backpacks will become now you favorite container by far!

Some cool features in these sacks!

All the modern features are included in some of the aguacate bags :

  • Charger on the side
  • Music player and headphones plug
  • Optimized stuff storage
  • Cool fruit of fertility designs
  • Many colors available
  • Mini pockets for little storage

Only made for real pear shaped fruit lover!

Are you sure that you want to get one avocado backpack? Alright, but before you get one, remember that this is the ultimate proof of being an avocado fan!