Avocado Costume

Come see our enormous collection of avocado costume number 1 in the world! There are suits for everyone, whether you are little of tall, whether you are in couple or single, fan of avocado or guacamole, you'll be delighted to wear a super cool persea outfit!


If you are just looking for a costume to wear for any disguised party, you are at the right place! Whether it's for entertainment or to show your real love for avocados, these costumes are made with all our love and guac of course!

Funny and good-looking, all you need!

Everyone agrees that fun is important in life, and humor is one of the most beautiful things in life! And you know that fancy outfit are funny, this is why having an avocado costume is necessary to have a good time with friends during parties or any good time with them!

All the tunic are designed to be wearable at any time!

This disguise are specially made for people looking for a way to express their love for the holy guacamole! well, if your goal is to get something to dress up within the life of a fruit of fertility, these clothing are perfectly adapted for you!

Do you have a pet? Do they like persea americana as well? Ok, we have aguacate camouflage for them!

You cute pet will love wearing an avocado costume as well! We optimized the tunics specially to make them fit to the animals and they will not even be bothered by them!

That being said, don't try to give a pear shaped fruit to your animals because they will not eat and that would be a waste of potential guac!

Imagine a world with everybody dressed up in avocados!

Could you pass an entire day disguised in an alligator pear? And if that would change your friend's opinion about being vegan would you do it? If a avocado tree can turn a person into vegan, would you be dressed up yourself as a fruit of fertility all day?

And what about the quality of the suits?

With Avocado Clothing Store ©, you are guaranteed that your clothing are not made with petrochemical polluting matters because we care about the environment! This is why the quality of your costumes is the best possible.

Spread love and avocados!