Recover there the best avocado toast costume that will perfectly match your persea vest needs !

Every pear shaped fruit gourmands would like to be be disguised like an avocado toast to exhibit their love for this wonderment fruit, and that is comprehensive. But the issue is that all the fruit of fertility dress are unsightly and made up with cheesy cloth. This is why we present you this amazing avocado toast costume!

An incredibly comic raiment to be shared with your entourage!

When you are welcome to a disguised fiesta, you must find a vest that is amusing to have, but not too much because otherwise you will be silly. Unlike the other coats, this avocado toast costume was created specially to avoid being ludicrous in front of your family!

Know someone you enjoys alligator pears? Well, this avocado toast costume is perfectly adapted for her!

Persea devourer generally appreciate proving their groupie attitude for the fruit, and maybe you make the exact same way with other things in life. For them, an avocado toast costume in not only an outfit, it’s a tangible way to indicate their passion!

Become the succeeding Twitter champion!

Avocado toasts are a lot fashionable in social medias. A persea post can bring up to 1 000 likes in 20 hours! This is why being dressed with a avocado toast costume will make you become an multimedias mainstream guys or girl!

Details of the costume

  • Standard delivery offered
  • 100% Cotton
  • Regular Thickness, Soft
  • No-Friction : super soft and comfortable and Anti-wrinkle
  • Wearable at any event!

Avocado Costume

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