How can you indicate your family your addiction for persea americanas by wearing a raiment? Solution : this japanese avocado sweatshirt ūü•¨!

Fan of both aguacates and hoodies? What if we intermix these two goodnesses?

Why is that japanese avocado sweatshirt different from the others simple brainless pullovers?

Of course, this sweats has a luxurious fruit of fertility design, but there are other things! This original print portray a sustainable life, value for the climate and of course your love for the luxurious persea americana!

This sweatshirt will train you always!

Usually when people want to gain muscle, become vegetarian or have a healthier nutrition, they focus on the results and drop the outset to succeed. This sweat will frequently make you mention your aim and you will never make wrongdoing to attain your aims!

So, what about the fabrics applied?

This sweatshirt is created with legitimate fiber, and you will not be be scratching yourself by any broadcloth, unlike to a big part of the hoodies available out here…

But also, this japanese avocado sweatshirt will protect you from cold like no other sweatshirt!

The cold is really hard and this is why warming yourself is crucial. This hoodie is made to block the maximum amount of air and cold the materials can.

Now your have two choices :

-> I don't want to change my deplorable design sweaters that don't respect the biodiversity
-> I unite with the avocado family and get this japanese avocado sweatshirt whenever I am able!

Details of the hoodie

  • Standard delivery offered
  • 100% Polyester
  • Regular Thickness, Soft
  • Protects from the cold
  • No-Friction : super soft and comfortable and Anti-wrinkle
  • Quality print design

Avocado Hoodie

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