Our Mission


The textile and clothing industry is very concerned by ecology:

It is the second largest economic activity in the world with the greatest impact on the environment.

Indeed, the consumption of low-cost clothing has exploded in recent years.
For example, consumption of poor quality and polluting textiles has increased 15-fold between 1970 and today.
It is our responsibility to act against pollution of the Earth.

Some brands have already taken these elements into account and offer eco-friendly clothing.
It certainly reduces costs to the planet,
But the overwhelming majority is not perfect on these methods.

But what can we do about it?

- Stop buying clothes?
- Cut yourself off from modern civilization and live as a hermit far from everything and no longer wear clothes?

We don't think it's the best idea ...

In a world where ecology is the main terrestrial issues,
It is essential that we provide solutions to reduce our impact on the environment.
And to renew natural resources.

Do you know the circular economy?

The circular economy is a concept that is part of sustainable development.
Its aim is to produce goods and services by limiting the consumption and waste of raw materials and non-renewable energy sources.

It could be schematized as follows:

Circular Economy Explanation

The challenge for us is to make recyclable and environmentally friendly clothing.
You can recycle them when they are broken or used too much.

For this, more and more stores are proposing to become collection points.
But there are other ways to give new life to your habits: donation, rental, repair…

Now you have two solutions:

>>> I want to continue wearing clothes made with deplorable sanitary conditions,
>>> I want to make a difference

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