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What is more fashion than an avocado AirPod case?

The newest Apple headphones technology has come are replaced the wire by wireless connexion with your phone, and we all know that these headphones are easily breakable, as the materials inside it are made sometimes with poor quality hardware goods, but you still love them because that can help you to escape unwanted situations or just listen to music while not being annoyed by the wire. So, if you went here to get a solution about how you could protect your Apple AirPods, here is our avocado AirPod case!

A unordinary protection for your headphones

If you are here it’s because you wan to get a protection for your Apple headphones. But you are a real that thinks that stop eating avos is the worst treason you could do to yourself...
Well, if you are that extreme in you mind, this case is the right one for you!
Also, by getting it, you will be a unique avocado-lover! Why? How many times have you seen this avocado AirPod case on an avocado-fan’s AirPod case? Well, not much, so you will be a unique avo-eater with your style!

Why choose this avocado AirPod case and not another?

  • Great quality plastic for the case with a awesome design
  • Compatible for both AirPods 1 & 2

Because your headphones need to be avo-friendly, and an avocado AirPod case is the right one to choose!

Available in only one variant.

Other item suggestion

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Details of the case

Material : Plastic
Compatibility : Apple AirPods 1 and AirPods 

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