Feel the comfortability of this avocado ankle socks!

If you are looking for some cool and comfortable foot protection because of the cold outside! Even if these socks are made for summer, cold won't be a problem anymore or you!

Some new features available with this pair!

In contrary to most of the socks available on the fashion world, these avocado ankle sock have other functions such as deodorant and sweat absorbing!

Because we know that most of the socks available on the fashion world are not avocado-friendly, we created this pair of socks so avocado lovers will finally be able to wear socks that represent them!

Why choose these avocado ankle socks and not others?

  • Super quality tissue for the clothes, awesome for cool or even warm temperature
  • Cool, fancy and colored socks specially made for your little feet!

So, what are you waiting for to get this avocado ankle socks?

Available in only one variant.

Other item suggestion

If you enjoy these avocado ankle sock, check out another variant of avocado socks! Maybe you will find this pair more attractive and you will make the right acquisition!

Details of the socks

Gender : Mostly Women
Material : Cotton
Sock Type : Casual
Style : Casual, Summer
Season : Spring, Summer
Thickness : Standard

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