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Because avocados are fruits that grown in summer, show your avocado bikini to the sun!

When it's hot out there, and you want to go to the beach, but you are still an avocado-fan, the only way to show your love is by this avocado bikini! But wearing a swim suit is also known to be sexy and this is why it's perfectly fit to put forward you incredible body at the beach!

More sexy and more comfortable than most of the swimming suit out there

We work hard to find the best solution to combine avo-love, comfortable and good looking in beach outfit and we are proud to present you this product. Most of the beach swimming suit have this problem : they make you scratch a lot of will fall because of the poor quality materials used in it. But this avocado bikini is one step higher than most of the beach fashion outfit in terms of comfort! Because it's made of good quality materials, good quality sewing, you won't feel uncomfortable with this avo swim suit!

Made with polyester and love, designed not to be scratchy for all aquatic situations such as the beach, swimming pool or even jacuzzi with a sexy and modern style, this swimsuit is the right on to choose!

Why choose this avocado bikini and not another?

  • Super cute design and fits perfectly with the sun
  • Sexy and good-looking fashion outfit
  • Comfortable, won't make you scratch and perfect sizes

Available in one color.

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Details of the bikini

Gender : Women
Material : Polyester
Best places to wear : Beach, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi
Item Type : Two Pieces
Style : Floral, Sexy, Modern
Subject : Avocado Bikini

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