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Do not miss the opportunity to get rid of breast brassieres risks with this soft avocado bra!

Have you ever had complications related to your mammary gland while wearing bras?
Yes you have.

You think that bras are not harmful?

Did you know that scientific proofed that woman wearing bras are putting their health at risk especially for the breast cancer problems?

Well, this avocado bra was optimized not to use toxic products that will increase the risk of breast problems while being soft and comfortable for your boobs.

Benefits of this avocado bra

Made of cotton, avocados and love, this lingerie piece is sexy, hot, gives you summer vibes and decrease the number of problems related to your chest.

As you know, aguacate is the best fruit of fertility in the world and wearing a alligator pear neckline is a honor for the holy guacamole!

So, now you have two solutions :
>>> I want to face the cancer problems and wear petrochemical bras
>>> I get this avocado bra.

Details of the bra

Material : Cotton
Age : 18 - 35 years old
Top Type : Tank Top
Clothing Length : Short
Style : Casual
Pattern Type : Solid