What's the best way to show your love for avocado other than having an avocado t-shirt? Having an avocado bucket hat of course!

It might be popular now to have an avocado accessory, but still not enough to have a avocado bucket hat! Show the world your love for avocado with this avocado bucket hat specially made for all avocado lovers!

Made with cotton and love, this cylindrical persea americana pail will know how to keep you away from the sun!

Why choose this avocado bucket hat and not another?

  • Available for parents and children
  • Good quality cotton and tissu
  • All real avo-eater have hat similar to these!

So, what are you waiting for to get this avocado bucket hat?

Details of the hat

Gender : All
Type : Hat
Material : Cotton
Size : Child 50-52 cm (2 years old), Parent 56-58 cm
Subject : Avocado Bucket Hat

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Avocado Bucket Hat

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