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Need some relax clothes? Here is our brand new avocado button up shirt!

A shirt perfect for posh avo lover

This shirt is perfect for you, who want to feel good and not hot in an avo piece of clothing during the scorching summer heat! Cool design, thin, made specially for summer, you'll love this avocado button up shirt!

Minimalist, yes but really effective!

Colored t-shirt are really underrated in the avo fan club! But, if you don't have a piece of clothes with an enormous fruit such as those shown on the other pages of the website, don't worry! But if you still want to have some persea americana on your t-shirt, this blouse is perfect!

Is this avocado button up shirt avocado-friendly?

Don't worry, in the alligator pear fruit community, a simple thing that has an avo color will be ok for them! Or, if this t-shirt for any reason don't pass the avocado verifications, tell them that you bought this avocado dye shirt on the official provider of avo clothing!

Why choose this avocado button up shirt and not another?

  • Light, thin to let air go through and good looking
  • Great quality tissue and sewing
  • Perfect for to prevent the summer heat!

This avocado button up shirt is the "must-have" clothing for summer, or any time that is hot outside!

Available in 3 colors

Fan of this avocado button up shirt?

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Details of the t-shirt

Gender : Women
Type : Top
Material : Cotton
Style : Summer, Hot
Collar : Turn-down Collar
Clothing Length : Regular
Sleeve Length : Short
Subject : Avocado Button Up Shirt

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