Avocado Costume

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Obtain here the best avocado carnival costume that will perfectly match your aguacate vesture needs!

Every avocado toast glutton want to be be disguised like a persea americana to evince their passion about this amazing fruit, and it is comprehensive. But the problem is that all the avocado toast robe are atrocious and made with terrible textile. This is why we present you this exhilarating avocado carnival costume!

What does include this avocado carnival costume?

  • A superb avocado cape adapted for kid size!
  • A funny black wizard hat!

An amazingly comical outfit to be shared with your entourage!

When you are welcome to a disguised party, you must find a coat that is laughable to have, but not so much because in the other hand you will be bizarre. In contrary to other apparel, this avocado carnival costume has been created specially to avoid being idiotic with all your friends!

Know someone you adores avocado toasts? Well, this avocado carnival costume is amazingly adapted for her!

Avocado obsessed generally are pleased with revealing their enthusiastic supporting for the fruit, and maybe you act the same way with other things in life. For them, a guacamole robe in not only a robe, it’s a material way to reveal their passion!

Be the succeeding social media star!

Avocado are very favorite in Twitter. A pear shaped fruit post can make up to 1 000 reactions in 10 hours! This is why be disguised with an avocado carnival costume will make you become the web browser best-selling guys or girl!

Details of the costume

Material : 100% Polyester Fiber
Gender : All
Age Range : 4 - 10 years old

Size details

Cloak : 120cm / 47 inches long
100 cm / 39 inches wide
Hat : 35 cm / 14 inches high
38 cm / 15 inches diameter