Avocado Cat Toy

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Looking for a doll that your kitty will love? Check out this avocado cat toy!

Stir up his five senses

Feline can be very difficult in front of a new toy, and this without great reason. In order to maximize the chances that your little companion is having fun with it, this avocado cat toy will literally be his number one priority to play with! First, it is not too noisy because it could scare and stress your pet. Taste can also play an important role, if you add a interesting smell on the alligator pear game, your cat will even enjoy more! Be aware that felines do not see all colors in the same way... This is why we should favor for your kitty doll in bright colors, such as green.

Make your tabby move for him to lose weight!

Indoor cats are prone to weight gain if they do not exercise daily. In order to assure your little companion a fit body, you should prefer little games allowing him to work out. Colorful balls, mice with catnip, fishing rods... so many games he will be able to have fun for hours on end without ever getting bored. But the best is this avocado cat toy! Do not hesitate to buy several copies of each so that your pet can switch from one to the other when he wishes.

Why choose this avocado cat toy?

  • Good quality doll, will not break the first time you give it to your pet
  • You cat will literally love that!

Details of the toy

Toy Type : Cat Toy
Materials : Cotton

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