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Your chances to have better gifts are multiplied by 3 with this avocado Christmas shirt ;)!

Fan of avocados? Why wouldn't you buy some of your favorite fruit for this event? And also, why would you be forced to eat turkey or anything that contains meat or usual xmas meals when you could cook an original fruit based meal for everyone? That could be awesome ideas to have a finger-licking and unforgettable Xmas meal! Think about how you can se avocados in your daily events!

An aguacate shirt perfect for christmas

Getting this avocado christmas shirt will show the world your love for avocados and it's the perfect outfit to celebrate the end of the year at the same time! This shirt could be a great gift for an aguacate lover such as you and us and it could be a aguacate way to say happy new year!

The best way to guarantee an awesome new year to your family and your friends!

With the avocado meal we just gave you, this Yule tunic is now the best clothing to wear for the event that only happens once a year!

Why choose this avocado christmas shirt and not another?

  • Warms you from the winter cold
  • Wearable during the end of the year time
  • Shows your love for aguacate!

Details of the t-shirt

  • Regular Thickness, Soft
  • Breathable : Anti-Sweat and Sweat-absorbant
  • No-Friction : super soft and comfortable and Anti-wrinkle
  • Washing : 30°C / 86F recommended