Avocado Costume

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This avocado costume belly is a revolution.

At first sight you may be thinking that this alligator pear tunic is just a simple pear shaped fruit disguise, but it has way more functions than just a simple attire!

Not only you will be able to disguise you with this persea americana, but you will also be able to surprise your friends by pretending you have an enormous torso!

A fruity suit perfectly adapted for garb lovers!

If you already saw someone wearing banana costumes, you probably thought "why is he doing this?" well, the answer is because everyone loves bananas! But do everybody love avocados? Of course! Then this avocado costume belly is specially made for people that love the fruit of fertility so much that they are forced to wear it!

An giant avocado costume belly for an huge tummy!

If you were looking for a full body suit that will be able for you to maximize the size of your body, this is the right one to choose!

Benefits of this avocado costume party city!

Made with the best materials available, this habit will use an optical illusion to make your abdomen look bigger without even contracting your stomach!

Also, it adapts itself for the temperature around you! If you feel hot, the costume will leave air circulate, while on the other hand, when you feel cold, you will be keep warm!

Details of the costume

  • Standard delivery offered
  • 100% Polyester
  • Thin Thickness, Soft
  • No-Friction : super soft and comfortable and Anti-wrinkle
  • Wearable at any event!