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The dream for all avocado lovers is this avocado cutter!

We guess that everyone know the difficulty about slashing an avocado, especially shorten it in cubes... Who has never dreamed about an avocado cutter? Well, we have! Rediscover the pleasure of eating avocados without struggling about cutting it down!

How was this avocado cutter optimized?

This special slicer was optimized in three points : 

Flat Edges Slice : The slice edges have been reduced to have a better grip in your hand and a better use of the tool!
Sharp Edge Slice : Because this persea shortener is multifunctional, it also contains a knife optimized to be sharp enough to cut your fruit easy enough to cut!
Nuclear Crusher : When you decide to reduce your avocado to guacamole, you can now use the nuclear crusher to remove lumps from your guacamole!

Cut an avo has never been so easy with this avocado cutter!

As this avocado cutter is really easy to use, optimized to be intuitive and sharp enough not to make you use all your strength for an alligator pear!

Rediscover the pleasure of eating avocados!

Eating fruits is awesome. Eating a fruit of fertility is even better! But the main problem of aguacates is that we have to really precise while cutting this pear shaped fruit and force a maximum to get a full avocado well cut.

You will really rediscover the taste of the fruit of fertility when you will cut for the first time your persea americana, seasoned with vinaigrette, eggs or only salt

Why choose this avocado cube slicer and not another?

  • Our product is very easy to use
  • This slicer is totally Eco-Friendly
  • Stop the eternal struggle to slim down the avocados!

Details of the cutter

Material : Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Plastic
Size : 16 x 8 x 4 cm
Warning : Keep away from children under 11
Certification : CIQ
Subject : Avocado Cube Slicer

Size Details

Length : 21cm / 8.27 inches
Width : 5.5cm / 2.16 inches
Cutter Width : 3.5cm / 1.38 inches