Avocado Dad Hat

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Avo good baseball game with this avocado dad hat!

A baseball accessory is usually made to play, but what if we combine avocados and sport such as this together in a simple sun protectionhat? Nowadays, fashion has changed and sport are becoming more and more important in our society.

A new level of design in the sport industry.

But what differentiates this avocado dad hat from the others is better ergonomics and comfort when worn by the player, better protection than a traditional hat because unlike the others, this one is opaque and has a particular style combining cotton and very thick type of seam, and finally this avocado dad hat is even more different from the others because of its very particular design, its color representative of a state of mind conducive to sport and its vintage style incredible compared to all the other caps on the fashion world or even from the big brands!

Why choose this avocado dad hat and not another?

  • Great style and design
  • Funny patterns and really fashioned cap
  • Made for baseball and very convenient for baseball game!

In contrary to brand that are not vegan-friendly, this very high quality cap for a lower price is the best you can find in the clothing world!

So, what are you waiting for to get this baseball avocado cap?

Only available in one size and one variant.

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Details of the product

Gender : All
Type : Baseball Cap
Material : Cotton
Strap Type : Adjustable
Style : Baseball, Casual
Subject : Avocado Dad Hat

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