Avocado Necklace

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Pick up our brand new avocado egg necklace wrought with our entire passion to make a luxurious style without paying too much!

If you are looking for a handsome thing to be ”in vogue” and present your addiction for persea americana, you must think about this avocado egg necklace, produced to increase your clothing style while proving your adoration to the exceptional alligator pear!

Why should you stop immoral lavishness jewels?

Of course, the world shows a lot of inequalities, and there are a lot of troubles about important resources. And mining steel is quite arguable caused by the working stigmatism of the recruits. This is the reason why this avocado egg necklace is made with the best steel we could give you, differently to all the sumptuosity marques that don’t show dignity to the recruits.

Also, a having a fruit of fertility silver jewel is quite better than a familiar golden one, as it is extraordinary, it claims your |love for|passion about|obsession for|addiction for} pear shaped fruits and can be share with your family!

But also, this avocado egg necklace will enlarge your fashion designs like anything will do!

With its green colored gem, its shiny gem and its magnificent chain collar, you will be as beautiful as the pearl of an avocado!

Now your have two choices :

>>> I keep my unethical sun colored beads made up by marques that don't respect the ecology
-> I become part of the pear shaped fruit family and choose this avocado egg necklace as soon as possible!

Details of the necklace

  • Standard delivery offered
  • Both necklace & collar included
  • Collar length : 50 cm / 20 inches
  • Materials : Stainless Steel Collar, Zinc Alloy Pendant