Imagine an avocado embroidery panties that is made of pure love!

Did you know that a bad quality pantie can cause intense scratching, burns, infections or even serious illnesses?
This little panties has been studied to avoid any scratches!
With such a cute underpants, you will feel like on a cloud!

The point of these avocado embroidery panties

Combining avocados and pantie might be funny at first sight, but in reality, the result is super comfortable and nobody could ever think about getting an underwear garment so cosy and comfy!

The super powers of this alligator pear scanty

Wearing a step-in and feeling good in it can boost your confident! It will increase your level of relax and you will be able to move with more confidence with this lingerie!

Your underpants is made by handcraft masters!

In contrary to most of the underpants available out there, these avocado embroidery panties are made of yarn, with a real needlework, weaved careful to make a textile masterpiece!

Details of the product

Gender : Woman
Material : Polyester, Milk Silk
Rise Type : Mid-Rise
Item Type : Panties
Panties Type : Briefs
Style : Cute, Intimate
Season : All

Avocado Embroidery Panties

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