Avocado Costume
Halloween Hat

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A funny avocado hat costume during any party is the accessory that everyone will love!

With an avocado hat costume, you will make everyone laugh during parties, even tho they are not drunk! Because we all know that alcohol is bad for health and for the liver, but avocados are not! Alligator pears are great for health, awesome for your digestive system and won't affect your liver at all!

So, having a fancy disguise that represents an avo is a great thing for everyone's health!

A head mask better than alcohol!

Have you ever noticed that parties are always about drinking or smoking? Well, get rid of these addictions and let the place to the aguacate (even if you could be an avo addict (AA) but that is not a problem for the avo-family ;) )! Using this head mask instead alcohol is a certified way to have fun at any party!

Your face is now the official avo core ;)!

As shown on the images, you are now officially the core of the most tasteful fruit ever! You should be happy because having his face as the core of the alligator pear is a privilege that most of the members of the avocado-fan club would be jealous of you!

Why choose this avocado hat costume and not another?

  • Funny and cool design
  • Cool accessory during parties!
  • Make you look like an avocado! And this is great!

So, what are you waiting for to get this avocado hat costume?

Available in one variant.

Other product suggestion

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Details of the costume

  • Standard delivery offered
  • 100% Cotton
  • Thin Thickness, Soft
  • No-Friction : super soft and comfortable and Anti-wrinkle
  • Wearable at any event!