Are you tired of forgetting your keys every time? This avocado keychain polymer clay will make the key ring research incredibly super!

Having an alligator pear keychain in your pouch is stylish, not only because everybody appreciate avocado, but mainly because of its measure and its color, you will know at any time where your set of keys are. So not only you will never miss your key ring again, but also you will indicate your adoration to persea americanas!

Why is that fruits of fertility set of keys different from other usual ones?

Maybe you already have a casual key fob, bleach, humorless and dreadful. This is truly what this avocado keychain polymer clay is avoiding : no bad and awful art!

Factually, key-ring evidences your charisma.

Your bunch of keys and the other tool reveals the situation of your apartment and your personality at once. If your keys are fully decolour, without any appliance or anything else tone, people will have a destructive view of you because you avoidance cute little items. That would also mean that your house is not decorated neither, and your walls are fully blank.

On the other hand, someone with custom keys with colors may have a cool interior design and people will see them as someone magic, tolerant etc.

And, what about the primary matters used in this avocado keychain polymer clay?

In Avocado Clothing Store, our target is to give you quality key fob with the best designs. The matters used have gone through a lot of studies unusually to be powerful enough for your pocket and with healthy matters.

Now you basically have two choices :

❌ I keep my not key-ring produced by companies that don't show affection for the nature and sleep badly because of that,
I link with the fruit of fertility family and wear this avocado keychain polymer clay whenever I am able!

Details of the keychain

  • Standard delivery offered
  • Holder 100% Titanium
  • 100% Clay pendant
  • Fit to most of the pockets

Avocado Keychain
Polymer Clay

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