Avocado Bag

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Eating time is revolutionized by the new avocado lunch bag!

You always forget to take your healthy food when you go out,
Even simple things,
We know that...
It even annoys your family how quickly you forget things
And you want this to change.
Well, the solution is in front of you right now! Get a little sack that will help you not to for get things!

A revolution in the lunchbox industry

The container was made up to be perfectly comfortable whether you prefer to hold it on your shoulder or your hands. Why? We know that the most important thing about bags is that it is suitable for all and comfortable.

If you are looking for poor quality bags or bad looking designs tote bags, you are on the wrong page! These boxes have been made with canvas, a material that guarantee a good quality and soft handbag.

Your best friend during hard times

Whenever you feel hungry, or when it's time to eat, this little food sack is your best friend! You can put literally every single food you love it this bag! From avocados, to salad, and maybe even a full avocado toast in it! Just don't forget to put it in an avocado paper bag and you're ready to go!

Details of the product

Gender : All
Materials : Canvas
Age range : 0-77 years old
Capacity : 0.5 liter
Product Type : Plush Backpack
Feature : Stuffed & Plush