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Best Friend

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A beautiful avocado necklace best friend for you and your partner ❤️

Let's participate to the avocado-loving spreading! Because this avocado necklace best friend is perfectly made for aguacate lovers that are not fan of wearing an avo t-shirt! Just put this collar around your and your friend's neck and you are now linked forever!

Shows your friend's love for you and vice versa!

If you have a best friend you want to have by your side forever, make him of her wear this avocado necklace! Wearing it show automatically your love for the one that is linked by this collar! This jewelry is the ultimate proof that you friend is officially your best friend forever!

An avocado necklace best friend is also a piece of modern and fashion jewelry!

As you can see, this cute design is made perfectly to be cute, good-looking and fashion. As the main influence given in this collar was the modern style, the luxury fashion and the strong resistance from falling in contrary to most jewelry findable on internet and luxury shops.

Why choose this avocado necklace best friend and not another?

  • Great design, the two avos are nestable together, the core within the 
  • Unique and original fashion item that show love and friendship
  • Make you and your best friend part of the avocado family
  • Affordable price for the awesome quality materials and unbreakability these avocados show

Details of the necklace

Gender : Women
Type : Necklace
Necklace : Clay
Pendant : Zinc Alloy
Size : About 2 cm

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