Avocado Pendant

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See our brand new avocado pendant charm created with all our passion to prepare a luxurious look without breaking the bank!

If you are looking for a chic element to be groovy and portray your passion about persea americana, you must remember this avocado pendant charm, created to boost your level of clothing designs while proving your obsession for the fabulous avocado!

Why should you stop bad luxuriousness diamond?

Because yes, the earth contains a lot of divergences, and there are many issues about main resources. And mining matel is really debatable because of the working situation of the minors. This is why this avocado pendant charm is made with the best materials we could give you, unlike the all the opulence firebrands that don’t respect the minors.

Also, a wearing a pear shaped fruit necklace is fortunately better than an usual golden one, as it is exceptional, it evidences your |love for|passion about|obsession for|addiction for} avocados and can be share with your entourage!

But also, this avocado pendant charm will optimize your fashion style like anything will do!

With its green colored gem, its shiny gem and its magnificent chain collar, you will be as beautiful as the pearl of an alligator pear!

Now your have two choices :

❌ I keep my unethical golden bracelets created by companies that don't show dignity to the ecology
✅ I join the pear shaped fruit family and choose this avocado pendant charm asap!

Details of the necklace

  • Standard delivery offered
  • Both necklace & collar included
  • Collar length : 50 cm / 20 inches
  • Materials : Stainless Steel Collar, Zinc Alloy Pendant