Avocado Plush

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An avocado plush pillow optimized to be as perfect as you want it!

You might be thinking that having an avocado pillow at home is a weird thing, as avocados are mainly known for their taste, or are known for the guacamole... But avocado is not just a fruit, it’s a well-known religion that brings people together all around the world! We even call this community the ”avocado family”! This is why a green pillow that shows your tastes in its bedroom or in its living room is a fashion, cute and funny way to show your tastes over avocados!

An avocado plush for both adults and children

As told before, not only this avocado plushie is perfect for your children but any avocado lover would be pleased to receive one! We do have other products specialized for children but this one is totally adult-friendly!

Why choose these pillow and not others?

  • Good quality stuff filling
  • Cute and funny design
  • Unique decorative element for any living room or bedroom

Available in 3 sizes.

Other product suggestion

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Details of the product

Material: COTTON

Type: Plushie/Pillow

Filing : PP cotton

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