Avocado Saver
Preserver (3 in 1)

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Avoid forever your avocado ripening problems with this avocado preserver!

Saving avocados is really complicated or you? You are looking for a way to save your little fruit some days more!

With this avocado preserver, you will not have to worry about your avocado's expiration anymore!

Remember to put it in the fridge by the way! Your fruit of fertility will be safe for the next days!

Is this saver going to save your avocado for weeks and months?

Magic don't exist, and of course this avocado preserver will not work for too long time!

It depends of four things : the surface, the temperature, the air and the light. In a dark and cold fridge, this avocado preserver will both avoid your avocado getting air and will cover the flesh avocado surface. Even though there are some way to extend the saving delay, this saver will at least make your hass fruit last some days longer than an unprotected box.

If you see that your avocado is too ripen and you must throw it away, first check if this is not a surface rotten layer, and if the full avocado is brown, throw it away (⚠️ but don't do it too frequently ⚠️).

What is included in this avocado preserver bundle?

Actually there are three things :

  • An avocado container, shaped and designed specially for half hass avocados,
  • A tool to get rid of the core
  • A horizontal slicer to avoid to cut ourselves when cutting an aguacate! 

What material is this avocado saver made up with?

All the materials used during the creation in this food container are completely eco-friendly! So, you won't have to worry about the problem that materials cause such as over-consumption, deforestation and mostly the mass waste of food with this superb avocado preserver!

Details of the saver

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Corers
Certification: CE / EU, FDA, CIQ
Features: Eco-Friendly, Easy to use, Slicer, Core remover
Material: Eco-friendly plastic
Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools