Avocado Skirt

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It’s hard to find a dress that you will wear forever, even harder if you’re an avocado fan!

Not like any other skirts...

This mini-dress is not similar to the tons of different clothes that you can find with 2 clicks on the web, it’s an avocado skirt, with your favorite fruit as a design! You just found the dress you will love if you are a real avocado lover!

This miniskirt avoid every single problems caused by the casual skirts! You will not feel cold by wearing this little gown, you will not scratch unlike the usual pelvis petticoat, the robe will not even bother you while wearing it and you will feel free to move however you want!

This avocado skirt is the dress you should offer for you or someone you love!

Whether it’s for you, a friend, a girlfriend or even someone in you’re family, you will find someone that will be super pleased to wear an overskirt of avocados! This is why an avocado skirt is the perfect gift for someone you love!

Doubting to get this alligator pear frock?

  • It has an awesome cute design
  • With avocados on three color backgrounds
  • It is fashion, designed for any season and awesome for any occasions.

Made with polyester and spandex, this miniskirt has been optimized to fit to any girl, while avoiding the main problems due to persea americana and skirts!

Details of the product

Material : Polyester, Spandex
Dress Length : Above Knee, Mini
Waistline : Empire
Age Range : 18 - 100 years old