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Let’s relax at home with these avocado slippers!

Feeling at home is a important feeling. You need to be relaxed, you need to feel hot and you must not be stressed by anything as it’s you little secret place! A great way to really feel cool and relaxed is to get these avocado slippers, specially made for cool and private time.

Footwear is not something to overlook, they must be optimized to fulfill their function of socks while being comfortable as carpet slipper with soft sole and shoe tongue.

Bring your slippers to a next level of aesthetic!

People often use slippers while walking through their house, but none of them have ever think about adding avocados in their daily lives! This is one of the reasons why these alligator pear shaped fruit bootie are that important in you life, to be unique and more imaginative than most of the people!

Because sneakers are the main important thing to wear, not to hurt you're little feet, you must choose slipper that are comfortable, good looking and that represents avocados!

Why choose these avocado slippers and not others?

  • Good quality slippers
  • Good avocado design on
  • Warm your little feet from the cold of 

Available in only one design.

Details of the products

Gender : All
Material & Filling : PP Cotton
Theme : TV & Movie Character
Type : Plush / Nano Doll
Age Range : 0-11 years old
Warning : Keep away from fire