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Get rid of ripening waiting with this avocado socks for ripening!

Waiting for an avocado to be ripe is always a hard step in an avocado lover's life. This is why a lot of techniques were made to shorten this cruel and endless waiting. Some of them are good and some of them could kill you avocado and its taste, so be careful! But these avocado socks specially for ripening are the best in terms of reducing the waiting time so your favorite fruit will be ready on time.

How socks could change the ripening of an avocado?

That's an excellent question but these "avocado socks for ripening" are not called this by chance! These socks has a real super-power inside them and if you can control them, you will be able to accelerate the ripening of avocados only by using their power! This might seem crazy (and it is) but this is totally real 🥑! You were never expecting that avocado socks could have power for ripening avocados before!

Why choose these ripening socks and not others?

  • Super design, minimalist avocados drawing
  • Super powers within the socks

Your avocados will be ready even before you though about getting them with these avocado socks for ripening!

So, what are you waiting for to get this avocado socks for ripening ;)?

Available in one variant.

Other product suggestion

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Details of the product

Gender : All

Material : Cotton

Sock Type : Casual

Thickness : Standard / Thin

Style : Casual, Fashion

Additionnal Features : Super Elastic, Breathable

Season : Spring, Automn, Winter, Summer

Size : Medium 35-43 (EU), 6-9.5 (US), 5-7.5 (UK)

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