Avocado Socks

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No more socks-holes with these avocado socks mens!

We all have experience socks that breaks too often or too quickly after purchasing them (specially with unusual foot clothes with avocados on it!!), but this problem belongs now to your past if you decide to choose these avocado socks specially for mens!

More elasticity for more efficiency!

This new avocado design and the technology used behind this socks is huge in terms of innovation! As you may have understood, you will get rid of holes on your socks. Wether women or mens have gap in their footwear, it gives a poor style. And to get rid of this problem, we decide to increase the elasticity of socks with this mix of cotton and spandex. And the results is brilliant! Now you can officially say goodbye to the old holes into your foot clothes that used to ruin your life!

Why choose these avocado socks mens and not others?

  • Wearable in any season, and fit in every situation
  • Good elasticity, quality socks that will not break the first time your wear them or when you start to run with them, in contrary to most foot clothes on the clothing world
  • Cute design and fancy avo for men!
  • 50% Cotton, 50% Spandex
  • Thickness : Standard / Thin
  • No-friction : Super Elastic, Breathable