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Forget everything you have been told about footwear fashion, we are now introducing the avocado toast shoes that will blow your mind!

If you enjoy sneakers, foot fashion and show off with beautiful pair, this avocado toast shoes are made fro you! You already have been through the countless articles about the most fashion apparels not to be barefoot for an event.
Having good quality and good looking footwear is essential if you are an stylish pear-shaped fruit lover.
When you go to an important event, your sneakers must be optimized for you to workout perfectly in the fitness room, outside or anywhere that require your feet.

Are there a better pair optimized than these avocado running shoes?

The fact is that most of the footwear are not even adapted for running, sport, cardio or simple jogging training.
That is particularly annoying when you are a devote athlete.

A mix of avocados and footwear

When you love your training and cannot believe to miss any session, you want to manage your sessions so they are the most pleasant.
Mix avocados and training love will multiplied by 100 your workout joy and sport joy.

Details of the shoes

  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • 100% Canvas and Rubber
  • Hand-Painted printing

🥑 The shoes are quite small, we recommend you to get a size above to be safe! 🥑