Prevent your avocado from browning with this foodsaver avocado!

You just need to put your avocado inside this avocado foodsaver, put it in your fridge and your fruit of fertility is safe for the incoming days!

Is this foodsaver avocado literally magic by itself?

Actually many factors are interesting to combine this avocado foodsaver.

Depending of where you stock your avocado (fridge, clod room, cupboard...), the temperature of your food container (better between 6°C and -1°C), the light your avocado receive (light accelerates decay of avocados), the initial maturity of your fruit (just picked, ripe or almost rotten flesh), the shape and texture of your avocados (guacamole or full pear shaped fruit) and the time your alligator pear spend in your container (1 - 7 days) you will be able to keep it and eat it later without having to face "too ripen" issues!

What material is this avocado saver made up with?

The materials used in the elaboration of this food container is totally eco-friendly! You do not have to worry about ecological problems such as deforestation, over-consumption and above all mass waste with this foodsaver avocado!

Details of the saver

Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Avocado Savers
Certification: CIQ
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: PC
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked

Avocado Saver

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