Avocado Pillow

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Cuteness and soft are the words defining this green avocado pillow!

Do not say that pillows are for little kid! As there are more aguacate lovers above 10 than under, a green avocado pillow is a gift that can be offered for an child as an adult! 

The power of avocados is with you now!

Having a emerald cute plush at home is a cute decoration for an interior that doesn’t really show your fruit tastes! But even if you don’t like avocados, you are totally free to get a plushie, don’t worry.

You might be thinking that having a green avocado pillow at home is a weird thing, as avocados are mainly known for their taste, or are known for the guacamole... But the fruit of fertility is not just a fruit, it’s a well-known religion that brings people together all around the world! We even call this community the ”persea americana family”! This is why this plushy that shows your tastes in its bedroom or in its living room is a fashion, cute and funny way to show your tastes over avocados!

Why choose this green avocado pillow and not another?

  • Awesome design that combines cuteness, cool color and squishable plushies
  • Realistic avocado designs

Available in 2 sizes

Details of the product

Gender : All
Material: Cotton
Type : Pillow / Plush
Dimensions : 50cm - 70cm
Age Range : 2 Years Old- Grown-Up
Filling : PP Cotton
Warning : Keep away from fire